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Universally applicable
Ergonomic in all respects
Easy replacement of formlining
Polymer-coated fibres are the source material.
  • Universally applicable

    Flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs

  • Ergonomic in all respects

    Low weights and crane-freehandling

  • Easy replacement of formlining

    Quick maintenance with just a few screws

  • Sustainability

    100% recyclable


Universally applicable

Flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs using only one system

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Ergonomic in all respects

Low weights, crane-freehandling and intuitive application

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Easy replacement of formlining

Quick maintenance with just a few screws – without requiring special skills

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All components made of technical polymers are 100 % recyclable.

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PERI DUO formwork system

The lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs

DUO is the innovative system formwork featuring a very low weight and extremely simple handling. It is not only the material used that is innovative, but rather the entire concept. It allows for efficient forming of walls, columns and slabs using a minimum number of different system components.

In addition to the panels including the formlining, most DUO accessories are made of innovative technopolymers. This newly developed material is extremely light and at the same time has a high load-bearing capacity. 

Apart from the material, the developers focussed on ensuring that the formwork system was easy to handle.

Almost all operations with DUO can be carried out without tools, the working steps are easy to understand. Even less experienced users of system formwork are able to work with DUO quickly and effi ciently. The fact that the majority of system components is used for walls, columns and slabs increases the performance additionally.

Universally applicable

Flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs using only one system

The DUO core components

The core components of the system are the DUO panels including the formlining and the DUO Couplers, entirely made of technopolymers.

DUO Panels can be used for vertical and horizontal applications. Besides the investment and logistics costs, this also minimises the expenditure for the training of staff.

Versatility is the special advantage of the system. The panels can be utilised for forming walls, columns and slabs. In addition, all accessories such as couplers and corner posts have been designed so that they can be used for numerous applications. This concept reduces the number of different system components which in turn simplifies material requisitions on site.

The advantages become even more evident when looking at the entire period of use of DUO: users carry out the various formwork tasks more efficiently, less storage areas are required and transport costs are significantly reduced.

This concept also supports the principle of sustainability: fewer transports and considerably lower transport weights reduce the energy requirements for logistics.

DUO introduction video

Ergonomic in all respects

Low weights, crane-free handling and intuitive application

Simple operations, low weights and uniform system components allow for a very high productivity on the construction site. Working with almost no tools additionally reduces the risk of injury and prevents noise.

All DUO system components weigh less than 25 kg, making DUO a real hand-set formwork system than can be handled without a crane. Working with low weights is less exhausting, resulting in improved concentration in everyday operations on the construction site and reduced risk of accidents. Furthermore, the composite system components have no sharp edges, which also minimises the risk of injury.

However, if a crane has to be used, one with a lower lifting capacity is sufficient. This saves additional costs and energy.

The best example of easy-to-use system components is the DUO Coupler.

The DUO Coupler is guided through the frame openings and then turned 90°, without requiring any tools. This connection ensures the panels are arranged at even levels. The fact that the couplers are flush with the panel after installation and do not protrude, allows for flat stacking of pre-assembled large-sized units.

The coupler is used for

  • connecting panels to each other,
  • connecting corner posts with the panels and
  • connections with wall thickness compensations and filler supports.

Easy replacement of formlining

Easy replacement of formlining Quick maintenance with just a few screws – without requiring special skills

The special highlight of DUO: easy replacement of formlining guarantees quick maintenance – without requiring any special tools or skills.

DUO system components and the formlining made of technopolymers are very durable. With proper use and maintenance, the service life of DUO components can be maintained over many years.

Small identations or scratches in the formlining can easily be repaired. If required, the formlining is simply replaced. Formlining replacements are available in the panel sizes and are quickly mounted with a few screws.

As with all system formwork, regular cleaning of the formlining ensures good concreting results and a long service life – this applies to the DUO system.

There is almost no reaction of DUO with the concrete which means that cleaning requirements are kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use release agent and to remove any concrete adhesions after every use. They can quickly be removed with the DUO Cleaning Device.


Zero waste production

During the production of DUO components no waste is generated. 100% of the raw materials are used in the manufacturing process.


The components of PERI DUO can be reused many times. Formlining can be reused up to 100 times and additional to that it’s easy to replace on the jobsite. Should the formlining get damaged, it can be easily replaced on site so the frame can be reused even more often. Compared to conventional systems with approx. 5 reuses in average, waste is reduced to a minimum. PERI DUO is not only an ecological product but an ecological concept.

100 % Recyclable

After the service life the DUO material can be milled by the producer and be reused for the production of new panels. In this way, a sustainable closed-loop economy is achieved.

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Focus on the latest material sciences

Application of technopolymers in formwork and scaffolding technology

For several years, PERI has been carrying out research and development in polymer products. Thereby the focus is on the practical application of these materials in construction engineering. The result is a composite material on the basis of a polymer matrix. The material properties are optimised for the respective requirements of an application by adding additives. PERI material research focuses on technopolymers that are particularly robust and durable. All development actitivies are aimed at the specific use of these polymers in formwork and scaffolding technology. Apart from simple slab stopend angles for the slab edge and other small devices, the formwork system DUO has resulted from this novel material.

Main advantages of technopolymers

  • Low weight
    Technopolymers are very light compared to steel or even wood. This allows for faster working and saves crane time.
  • High durability against moisture
    Technopolymers are shrink-free, develop no moisture expansion and do not rust. This makes their application in formwork systems so advantageous compared to wood or steel.
  • High flexibility regarding product design
    The simple, flexible shaping opens up new possibilities for the utilisation of components and for clever multiple functions.

Why technopolymers are sustainable

  • Zero waste production
    The entire raw material used is processed into a product. No waste is generated during production.
  • Ideal transport weights
    Technical polymer products are of a low weight. This minimises the transport weight and the transport costs and thus also exhaust gases.
  • 100 % recyclable
    All components made of technopolymers are 100 % recyclable. Used material can be used to produce new products in terms of a sustainable recycling economy.

Our services for your projects

Formwork, scaffolding and engineering. From one source.

PERI provides the suitable formwork system for every concrete structure and component. The portfolio fully meets the global requirements of different construction methods and boundary conditions.

PERI scaffolds can be used for a wide variety of applications. Regardless whether it is frame or modular scaffold, the great flexibility leads to a high level of material utilisation.

For PERI, engineering not only means product development and technical planning. Engineering also stands for the optimisation of all processes that are encompassed by formwork and scaffolding technology.